Prime Longevity

Prime Longevity


Are you ready to feel great?

•    Are you feeling your best while ensuring that you slow down the effects of aging?

•    Are you tired of bottle after bottle of supplements taking up counter or cupboard space?

•    Is the cost of staying healthy putting a hole in your pocketbook?  

•    How would you like to slow down the effects of aging while feeling your best and ensuring your longevity?

•    How would you like to save hundreds of dollars monthly by taking more and paying less?  

•    How would you like to supplement your body with cutting edge anti-aging ingredients that maximize your health potential?  

•    Do you feel the effects of daily stress and life catching up to you?

•    Are you wondering if there is a supplement that can slow down those effects, while helping you feel your best?

Taking Prime Longevity is the best decision you can make for you health!  There is no doubt that the effects of aging are catching up to everyone on a daily basis.  From Stress, improper diet, lack of exercise and the countless free radicals that we are exposed to, our bodies are at the forefront of this battle against time.   Without a doubt, staying healthy has become a guessing game of bottles and supplements that line up your counter or cupboard without any real assurance of their effectiveness. 

The average supplement consumer has an excess of $300-$400 worth of supplements that they take daily with more than 5 or 6 bottles needed to completely supplement their daily needs.   Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph N.D., D.Sc., M.D. (MA) board certified naturopath, has formulated and created the most complete anti-aging supplement that has ever been on the market.  

Prime Longevity is rich and abundant in ingredients that support the body’s defense mechanisms as well as supplement our many body systems.  From immune, digestive, nervous and circulatory, Prime Longevity is unrivaled in it’s formulation and capability to slow down the effects of aging and enable you to live as healthy as possible without putting a hole in your pocketbook.  

The Prime Longevity Formulation The unique blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes have enabled Prime Longevity to provide your body with the most complete and comprehensive supplementation for a long and healthy lifestyle.  

Prime Longevity is also formulated with key ingredients that are on the cutting edge of anti-aging health.    

Key Prime Longevity Ingredients include: 

•   CoEnzyme Q10 _____________________100mg

•   R-Lipoic Acid    _________________100mg

•   Acetyl L-carnitine _______________750mg

•   Giant Knotweed (Resveratrol)______100mg

•   NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine)_________100mg

•   Bamboo Extract (70mg organic silica) 100mg

•   Vitamin D3_______________________ 2000iu’s

•   Unique Enzyme Complex ___________ 150mg

•   GlycoNutrient Blend _______________60mg

•   Turmeric Extract (curcuminoids)____40mg

•   Green Tea Extract  ________________50mg

and SO MUCH MORE! See our label under The Science tab of our website.

There is NO OTHER supplement like Prime Longevity in value, we urge you to compare! We doubt that you’ll find as complete a supplement formulation than you will with Peak Longevity. 

 For more details regarding our Ingredient list click here.

The Prime Longevity Value By putting all the ingredients in Prime Longevity in a separate bottle, you would have over 50 bottles lining up your table or cupboard.  If you were to break down these ingredients into a dollar value from purchasing each ingredient separately, you would have over $700 worth of supplementation.  

By purchasing through Pure Natural Science, you can save hundreds of dollars monthly as well as thousands yearly by subscribing to our auto-ship program, which substantially reduces your cost.    

Through Pure Natural Science, you won’t have to pay $700, $500, $300 or even $100 per bottle.   While charging these amounts could be justified by the purity and concentration of our ingredient dosages, we have chosen to make this as accessible to the public and have you see Pure Natural Science as your source for quality supplementation as well as anti-aging health.

One bottle of Prime Longevity is $89.95, but you have the option to reduce that cost even further by enrolling in our auto-ship program.  Doing so brings your cost per bottle to $74.95!  Click Here for more information.


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